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    Berlin | New Work Survival Kit - Resilience Hands-On

    19.00 UhrVeranstaltung des EWMD Berlin-Brandenburg und des Rolls-Royce WoMen's Network

    EWMD Berlin-Brandenburg I Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG I Eschenweg 11, Dahlewitz I Blankenfelde-Mahlow I 15827

    EWMD Berlin-Brandenburg is proud to invite you to an exciting workshop in collaboration with the Rolls-Royce WoMen's Network. Rolls-Royce is a long-time EWMD Corporate Member.

    Are you experiencing how work (and our life as a whole) is changing radically? The pace of change seems to be accelerating day by day. Topics such as becoming more flexible, digital stress, accessibility, workload, changing values are omnipresent. It affects all of us, whether you are working for a large corporation, for a small and medium size organization, for a government body or NGO, in education, as self-employed entrepreneur. So:

    What does this mean for me personally?
    And: What can I do to not only survive but to emerge even stronger?

    Resilience is a skill that helps you to stay on course in disruptive times. Through expert input from the speakers, we will clarify the meaning of resilience, what support it offers and how we can actively develop this ability. With the Resilience Radar, you will identify clues as to the status of your personal survival kit. You will also experience practical exercises suitable for everyday life in order to enhance your individual survival kit. As the facilitators look at the topic from different perspectives they offer complementary solutions.

    Upfront registration is mandatory, registration closes on 9th of February.
    You will need to share your nationality and ID number during registration.
    Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG
    Eschenweg 11, Dahlewitz, 15827 Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Room „Water“

    16:30 Networking and Finger Food
    17:00 Start of workshop (duration approx. 3 hours)
    20:00 Networking
    Potentially (this is under discussion) tour of production site

    EWMD Members (individual and corporate): free of charge
    Guests: 35 Euro
    Students: 10 Euro

    We will take some fotos during the event. EWMD and facilitators may use such fotos for e.g. the website and in social media postings. You agree to this with your registration. Should you have any concern, please raise it with the EWMD representative during check-in on the day of the event.

    Registration ends on February 13, 2020



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